About Us

Some Things About Us

Peace House Maine is a human services agency dedicated to helping people with mental disabilities maintain a healthy social life and have hope for their future. Our ultimate goal is to have a community where everyone is cared for with respect and dignity, where everyone is safe and enjoys life in its
abundance. We are dedicated to maintaining the safety of the people we support while out in the community or in our residential homes.

Moreover, PHM believes that every person has undeniable potential that he/she should be able to explore for their personal growth. That’s why we strongly believe in empowering our clients by helping them to develop their talents and find opportunities. We believe every employee will embrace this cause in to assisting and supporting each client to make good judgments regarding their safety and the safety of the community, and to be valuable contributing members of their community.

Why choose PHM?

What we do is meaningful and challenging work that makes our community an even better place to live.
Peace House Maine

We envision a community where everyone is safe and has hope for the bright future..

PHM’s mission is to:
 - Serve people with a variety range of mental disabilities,
 - Provide safe environment for people who present high risk to the community or to themselves,
 - Empower people with behavioral disturbances to achieve their day-to- day goals,
 - Care about the future of individuals by connecting them to their community resources,
 - Encourage community integration of people with behavioral disturbances,
 - Enhance collaboration between clients, families, and the agency,
 - Promote the quality of services by considering clients’ needs first ,
 - Train clients in various life skills based on their inherent capacities and well being.

At PHM, we strongly believe that every individual has capacity to achieve his/her goals, to aspire to the bright future and mostly to reach his/her desire. We value and respect every human being despite his/her mental health status; and we believe in equality of all.

We strongly believe that every person has to be SAFE and has to contribute to the safety of others. PHM strives to help people who, for any reason, can’t make safe judgment, in order to be safe in their community. We also believe in a caring community where people are respected as individuals.

Peace House Maine, LLC is tailored to meet the need of challenging people, our trained staff are tooled enough to keep clients safe whether out in the community or in their residential homes. Our philosophy lays on three principles which are: Hope, Safety and Empowerment.
Hope: People with mental disabilities are usually viewed as people who don’t have any hope for the future. This misconception limits the growth and the ability of this specific population to plan for their future. It is our strong belief that all people ought to have dreams and work hard to make them a reality.

Safety: PHM serves people who present high risk to themselves and to others. Peace House Maine, LLC’ first goal is to keep them safe when out in the community and in their residential homes. Our 24/7 supervision with highly trained staff encourages our clients to make good judgment and request for help whenever needs arise.

Empowerment: Every person has inner capacities and capabilities which shouldn’t be ignored. At PHM we encourage and help every client to explore his/her capacities and use them positively. In this perspective, PHM trains clients in different areas depending on each and everyone’s capacity.

Our philosophy is to support our clients to perform their daily life skills in a healthy and safe environment. Peace House Maine collaborates effectively with clients’ families and guardians in order to serve them better. PHM utilizes client-centered model. This model enhances and builds trust between families or guardians, clients and the agency.
Our services are centered on the clients; their needs, their wishes and their goals. We also collaborate effectively with the Department of Health and Human Services to make sure that the service we provide comply with federal, local and state regulations. .


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